• The First Real Time I.T. Monitoring Dashboard

    See how your IT applications are running “anywhere, anytime, on any device”!

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  • Reach monitoring maturity in the blink of an eye

    Knowing what’s monitored and what’s not, it’s easy with E-Control!

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  • Share the matrix with Everyone

    E-Control is relevant, easy to understand, and is as useful for IT users as for business ones!

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  • Be clear

    With E-Control, build customer adapted views, so they can follow IT production in real time!

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  • IT‘s easy, it’s E-Control

    With E-Control, you can configure everything easily. And the use of the product is easy as child’s play!

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  • You’ll never see night shift the same way!

    Get everything you need for night shift inside your mobile phone!

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E-Control, one tool to centralize your applications status your monitoring tools your ticketing tools your availability periods


E-Control: Monitoring for Everyone!

Your monitoring rely on mature solutions that guarantee your IT availability. Why then limit its access to pilots and monitoring team?  E-Control is unique of its kind: it makes your monitoring understandable to anyone, thanks to its amazing applications/layer alert division. You can also use it “anywhere, anytime, any device” via the mobile version!

Did you ever try to build an internal application dashboard? E-Control guarantee your success, easily.

Are you ready for a new monitoring  generation?

A single interface to drive your whole IT!

Your IT components are monitored by plenty of tools manageable solely by experts.

With E-Control, you will benefit from an all-in-one interface,  easy to understand, and 24/7 available from any device.

Just plug E-Control to any of your tools to start collecting your requested data. Organize and Access them as needed.



Choose your very own E-Control according to your very own requirements.

Actual Version:



E-Control BMC
E-Control connecteur HP
e-control zabbix