What‘s the difference between E-Control’s versions?

E-Control exists in 2 different versions: the “standard” version and the “premium” version.

  • Standard version includes 10 applications.
  • Premium version includes 50 applications, plus the real time stats module and the availability range management.

Versions are not linked to acquisition modes: saas, on premise, subscription.

There are numerous modules that can be bought after.

I would like to update my version to "on-demand" or "enterprise". What can I do?

Just contact somone with the form on the right down part of this page , or by calling +33 1 84 23 06 43 . Will be glad to hear you!

I really like E-Control. How can I cheer the Team?

First of all, I would like to tell you in the name of our whole team that this kind of messages really touches us.

We work a lot on E-Control because we really think that it can answer our client’s needs, and when we see gratefulness in messages, it motivates us even more! so don’t hesitate to send a testimony with the form below. We will really be happy to spread your words, so other clients can try the adventure. Good things need to be shared… So don’t hesitate to participate on our forum !

I have installed E-Control and I cannot see my applications?

First of all, thanks for your install. You will soon discover functionalities, that we hope will facilitate your daily work! E-Control has been thought to be a simple and smart product. So some actions have to be fulfiled in order to see your applications on the matrix.

Let’s check them :

  1. Click on the administration/applications menu and validate that your application is checked as “visible” in the interface
  2. Click on the administration/applications group and validate that your application is inserted in the applications group you are working with (root only if you have the light version of E-Control
  3. Click on “classical view” to see applications instead of groups !

How can I configure the "non monitored" state?

The “non-monitored” state can be configured directly inside the administration/applications menu. You then access to the layer list, and can specify those who are not monitored in your IT. They then appear as grey in the matrix. Easy !

You don’t have the connector to my monitoring tool?

Don’t panic ! We often develop new connectors based on clients needs. Wether you wish to join “standard” or “premium” version, creation of the connector will be part of the project. And this creation can be really fast!

FAQ didn’t salve your problem ?

We are really sorry for the inconvenience. Here are other ways to contact us.

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My problem is different !

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