E-Control 1.3.3 – 21/11/2014

  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added a “full screen” view mode
  • [IMPROVEMENT] The events tray no longer covers the ticker
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Adding a template system. The theme can be chosen at the install and be changed in the configuration file.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Smarty 3.1.21 upgrade
  • [IMPROVEMENT] At each click near the matrix, the tray are closed if previously opened.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Changing the look and feel of the matrix loading
  • [IMPROVEMENT] When creating a layer, added an option to mark the layer as unmonitored for all existing applications.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Decreased scrolling speed of tickler
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added a slight pause during which the band of the message does not circulate
  • [BUG] In the administration of profiles, the tree could not appear in case of profile modification
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