E-Control 1.3.4 – 28/11/2014

  • [IMPROVEMENT] general optimization of the matrix refreshment. Only the state changes are updated
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Removing layers icons as PNG to make room for glyphicons
  • [IMPROVEMENT] When creating a user profile, the default root is now selected (before the user was forced to click).
  • [IMPROVEMENT] The entire tree is now clickable in Classic View
  • [BUG] Fixed an issue in terms of LDAP import (bad RDN used) and in terms of LDAP connection.
  • [BUG] Fixed bug when clicking on the footer to display ticker messages
  • [BUG] Fixed an issue of rights: the invisible layers of the parent profile will no longer be checked ‘visible’ on children profiles, ditto for certain rights.
  • [BUG] Fixed column width problem with very large matrices
  • [BUG] Fixed an overriding of application name concerning the “criticity” column when it is too long.
  • [BUG] Fixed an edge of concern on the matrix tables in Chrome Mac
  • [BUG] On PostgreSQL, there might be a mistake while launching the listener,when Centreon connector was present.
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