E-Control 1.3.7 – 05/03/2015

  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added a backup / restore system of E-Control in command line.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added an authentication “ldapcompare” mode to compare the value of an attribute (password)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] When creating a profile, automatic scrolling is disabled by default, unless the parent profile activated it.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Adding a default password in the LDAP import in case of “ECONTROL” authentication method selected.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added authentication mode choice during the LDAP import of a list of users
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Removed heartbeat flash when the status is OK
  • [IMPROVEMENT] It is possible to change the matrix refresh interval option
  • [IMPROVEMENT] It is possible to click on the top left of the matrix to view all alerts in the events trail
  • [IMPROVEMENT] The names of files when exporting is now variable according to the export table
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Switching to jQuery 2.1.3 (lighter code)
  • [BUG] Fixed alerts counting type in groups view. The applications that were part of several groups had their alerts recorded several times.
  • [BUG] In case of a low number of layers, the menu (header) could take a significant height. Now it will be off at least 700 pixels
  • [BUG] When searching for a particular user, this could create a SQL bug with SQL Server
  • [BUG] Removed unnecessary LDAP login and password in the general options.
  • [BUG] When the duration of the automatic scrolling is 0, it does not activate the scrolling.
  • [BUG] When there were many layers, the menu (header) could not be fully visible
  • [BUG] A change in the connector information via the administration could be in conflict with the listener who was erasing old data.
  • [BUG] Fixed an issue in the automatic scroll, when the matrix was manually scrolled, it slowed.
  • [BUG] Backup of “favorites” (matrix) did not work when the “Can edit its personal information (menu ‘My Account’)” was unchecked
  • [BUG] Fixed a SQL injection flaw in the management of tables
  • [BUG] # 465 The wording of a column could not be displayed completely via the “Columns” button to show / hide columns in a table
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