E-Control 1.3.8 – 02/04/2015

  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added option to specify a layer used to define application availability
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Optimizing performance in some cases
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Adding a webservice to retrieve certain information in JSON format
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Each user can choose the default theme (heading “My Account”)
  • [BUG] An error could occur in the status generation of smart layers
  • [BUG] now forbidden to delete your own user profile
  • [BUG] Call for a nonexistent theme in the administration of layers => loading errors of images
  • [BUG] In the administration of smart layers, when no equation was defined for a state, the regarding state was not indicated. It was impossible to know what state the changes were reported to.
  • [BUG] In the listener, warning messages might appear when using smart layers.
  • [BUG] Fixed a root calculation problem with some specific URL
  • [BUG] Fixed a messages creation scrolling problem on the ticker with specific applications
  • [BUG] Fixed an issue in terms of LDAP import with some nonexistent fields
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