E-Control 1.3.9 – 15/06/2015

  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added availability time support
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added  downtime support for applications
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added a “root group for applications add” parameter (mobile)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added  a ticketing check interface
  • [IMPROVEMENT]  “E-Control mobile” extension added
  • [IMPROVEMENT] auto update system added.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] non existing applications and layer are no more treated as failure.  (listener.log)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] webservice proposes user profile listing.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] In case of php_ldap missing, a specific error message has been implemented while adding users.
  • [BUG] Matrix was not dynamically sorted while refreshing alerts.
  • [BUG] fixed a Warning bug in apache logs corrected.
  • [BUG] Fixed an SQL authentication bug while installing the product with a different SQL user  than default (PostgreSQL)
  • [BUG] Fixed a rights assignment bug with super-administrator profile
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