Find here all prerequisites to install E-Control in your IT

Hardware Minimum dual core processor
RAM2 Go (separate database, OS Linux)/ 4 Go (OS Windows or database on same server)
Disk space8 Go
OSminimum Debian 7, CentOS 6, Windows 2008 Server R2
DatabasePostgreSQL, SQL SERVER 2012
Navigatorrecommanded: Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 29, Opéra 12.15, Safari 5.1.7+ (Windows) or Chrome 31
Monitoring toolAt least a monitoring tool. E-Control can operate with a lot of monitoring tools with its connectors: CENTREON, BMC TrueSight, BMC Remedy, HP OMi, ZABBIX, SHINKEN, NAEMON, ICINGA, PRTG, NAGIOS … and many more to come.