E-Control 1.1 – 25/07/2014

  • [IMPROVEMENT] use of  Zéro MQ library removal.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Case sensitivity delete over the name returned by monitoring product over applications and layers.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] It is now possible to specify if unknown applications have to be visible or not by default.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] While creating an unknown application, it is now placed in root group by default.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Adding pagination in the events tray.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Adding filtering to the root of  application groups at user groups level.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Adding customizable options for user groups.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added an option to set the default display of the matrix.
  • [BUG] Fixed a popups placement issue in height.
  • [BUG] Fixed an issue with tree click (administration of user profiles) and Javascript code optimization.
  • [BUG] Some errors caused in the listener no longer cut its execution.
  • [BUG] Analysis error correction  for some very large packets (listener).
  • [BUG] Fixed alerts display  and number of alerts display in the events tray, which could not take into account group permissions.