E-Control 1.3 – 27/10/2014

  • [IMPROVEMENT] Tree view for Groups. It is possible to level “down” into the tree. Only nodes and low level leaves are directly displayed.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Inside groupview, it is possible to click on each leaf of the tree, to switch to the designed node (and its children).
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Creation of specific licenses with manageable use rights.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Creation of an automatic update process inside administration.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Product automatic install process (for a new install).
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Backup settings (columns, research, etc.) are saved for each user profile.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Remove of the “root” parameter in config.ini file, the root of the product is now determined automatically.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] User profiles now obey ACL as tree. A profile can not view parents profiles, he can only see all his children profiles.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Implantation of parenting rights. A son profile can not have more rights than his father.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Communication with connectors inside the heartbeat is now possible. Clicking on an icon displays detailed information about the connector and displays if the connection is up and running.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] When deleting a layer, if it is part of a logical equation, an information message appears, requesting delete confirmation.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] scrolling banner is now horizontal.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Add of a “tray” containing all scrolling banner messages when click on the banner.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Evolution of the DataTables plugin to version 1.10.3, necessary to avoid a bug with saving tables display parameterss
  • [BUG] When adding, modifying or deleting a layer, menus to determine the logic equations did not get updated to take changes into account.
  • [BUG] Informations concerning non-visible applications could be transmitted to connecting user via matrix display.
  • [BUG] In “Administration => Applications”, list of displayed layers could include layers normally invisible to the connected user.