E-Control 1.3.11 – 3/11/2015

  • [IMPROVEMENT] Automatic 24/7 service level for apps that don’t have service level specified.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] User login not case sensitive (on authentication, not for external login)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Listener status are ordered by descending criticity for rules application.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Listener start is logged.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] when installing, mbstring, sockets, xmlreader and xmlwriter extensions are tested. (web part)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] when mbstring extension is not installed, an error message now replaces the blank page.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] We detecte the product version in the files and the database.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Code cleaning
  • [BUG] SQL bug making the messages on the ticker not able to be edited
  • [BUG] data source bug corrected (invisible options)
  • [BUG] root calculus bug corrected (for exemple a directory named “Econtrol1.3.10broken” was not correctly analized).
  • [BUG] Installation error message corrected when database cannot be reached (PostgreSQL).
  • [BUG] When creating/editing a smart layer, logical equations didn’t charge without one more clic.
  • [BUG] When logging out from another theme, default theme was not appearing back.

E-Control 1.3.10 – 15/10/2015

  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added possibility to make push notifications transit via proxy server.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Increase of log levels and format modification.
  • [IMPROVEMENT]  listener auto restart when modifying connectors, apps, layer, status.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Script to import/export/optimize data are unified.
  • [IMPROVEMENT]  Pushs notification will not be sent when mobile app is inactive.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] It is possible to choose in the user profile the column to see/hide for the event and ITSM trays.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Code cleaning
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Caractere number increased for options values.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] It is now possible for the user to reinitialise his data (table order, theme…) via my account menu.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] While creating or editing a ticker message, if no apps specified, the error message was not clear.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] It is now possible to specify a different port from the default one while connecting database.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Extensions are more separate from E-Control code, regarding SQL part mostly.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Activate/deactivate globally push in the options function now available.
  • [BUG] Only the visible applications notifications concerning the user are now sent.
  • [BUG] Il was impossible to modify the criticity of a status when alers where existing with that status in the matrix.
  • [BUG] The mobile app was still receiving notifications after the user disconnect manually.
  • [BUG] when trying to create a layer and make it visible in the existing profiles, an error could occur.
  • [BUG]  “warning” error message in the listener corrected.