E-Control 1.3 – 27/10/2014

  • [IMPROVEMENT] Tree view for Groups. It is possible to level “down” into the tree. Only nodes and low level leaves are directly displayed.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Inside groupview, it is possible to click on each leaf of the tree, to switch to the designed node (and its children).
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Creation of specific licenses with manageable use rights.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Creation of an automatic update process inside administration.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Product automatic install process (for a new install).
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Backup settings (columns, research, etc.) are saved for each user profile.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Remove of the “root” parameter in config.ini file, the root of the product is now determined automatically.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] User profiles now obey ACL as tree. A profile can not view parents profiles, he can only see all his children profiles.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Implantation of parenting rights. A son profile can not have more rights than his father.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Communication with connectors inside the heartbeat is now possible. Clicking on an icon displays detailed information about the connector and displays if the connection is up and running.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] When deleting a layer, if it is part of a logical equation, an information message appears, requesting delete confirmation.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] scrolling banner is now horizontal.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Add of a “tray” containing all scrolling banner messages when click on the banner.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Evolution of the DataTables plugin to version 1.10.3, necessary to avoid a bug with saving tables display parameterss
  • [BUG] When adding, modifying or deleting a layer, menus to determine the logic equations did not get updated to take changes into account.
  • [BUG] Informations concerning non-visible applications could be transmitted to connecting user via matrix display.
  • [BUG] In “Administration => Applications”, list of displayed layers could include layers normally invisible to the connected user.
it expo

IT Expo 2014 – november 18 & 19 2014

E-Control will be exhibiting at IT EXPO 2014, November 18 & 19 2014.

Teem E-Control is a solution to revolution  managers and production managers vision over monitoring of their critical applications,  by providing them a real-time IT applications matrix view, split into layers (application, middleware, servers, storage, networking …).

We will present the latest version of the solution (1.3) and its features! Feel free to visit us and ask questions! Link to the show here.


E-Control 1.2 – 08/09/2014

  • [IMPROVEMENT] Possibility to define a layer type (classical, customizable, etc.)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Possibility to define logical equations to specify layer state.
  • [BUG]Fixed a display issue on some popup windows
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Dates / times formatting type definition
  • [IMPROVEMENT] General performance optimization (autoload, casting, unnecessary code remove, etc.)
  • [IMPROVEMENT]  listener.php file delete. Listener is now called with “php index.php listener” command
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Creation of a scrolling banner to display different messages to users.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Changing the popup closing icon, more visible and visual.

E-Control 1.1 – 25/07/2014

  • [IMPROVEMENT] use of  Zéro MQ library removal.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Case sensitivity delete over the name returned by monitoring product over applications and layers.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] It is now possible to specify if unknown applications have to be visible or not by default.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] While creating an unknown application, it is now placed in root group by default.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Adding pagination in the events tray.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Adding filtering to the root of  application groups at user groups level.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Adding customizable options for user groups.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added an option to set the default display of the matrix.
  • [BUG] Fixed a popups placement issue in height.
  • [BUG] Fixed an issue with tree click (administration of user profiles) and Javascript code optimization.
  • [BUG] Some errors caused in the listener no longer cut its execution.
  • [BUG] Analysis error correction  for some very large packets (listener).
  • [BUG] Fixed alerts display  and number of alerts display in the events tray, which could not take into account group permissions.