E-Control 1.3.2 – 14/11/2014

  • [IMPROVEMENT] Significantly improved performance of SQL Listener
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added a pending icon while loading matrix
  • [IMPROVEMENT] “cufon” javascript font deleted and CSS font added
  • [IMPROVEMENT] When a user is not logged in and tries to go on a product page, he is redirected to the login page
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Adding the SAML authentication method
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added license information regarding user accounts
  • [BUG] Increased field “libellé” capacity .
  • [BUG] Listener: new applications or layers were created even though this should not be the case.
  • [BUG] The group view could, in certain circumstances, not display the root group.
  • [BUG] The data formatting sent to the listener was not correct in some cases.
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